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For nearly a century, FSB of Forrest has been committed to the people, businesses, and communities of Central Illinois. Since those first days in 1914 to the present, our motto is and has always been "a Strong friend for your family," words we Strive to live and work by every day.

This commitment to our customers is two-fold: we offer our customers a welcoming, personalized experience from the time they Step into one of our doors and the ultimate convenience in the form of value-added products and services.

Since those very early days, FSB of Forrest has expanded to now serve customers in Forrest, Fairbury, Onarga, Erie, and Peoria Heights. We may have grown throughout the years, but our founding commitment to the families, businesses, and people of the local communities has always remained the same.

If you aren't a current customer, we'd like to invite you to bank at a place where you're known on a first-name basis — where your goals and our goals are one in the same. If you are already banking with us, we'd like to sincerely thank you for your loyalty to us — and also vow to return the favor with another century of the respect you've given us.