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Marvin Alexander attended Reisch Auction School in August 19, 1961 and started pursuing an auctioneering career. Marvin Alexander worked as a fee auctioneer for the first 3 years. In 1964 Marvin started and founded Alexander Auctions & Real Estate Sales Company in Martin, TN. Alexander Auctions & Real Estate Sales is a sole proprietorship owned by Marvin Alexander. Alexander Auctions & Real Estate Sales offers a full-service auction company. Alexander auctions estates and personal property, farm and construction equipment, livestock, commercial and industrial properties, residences, farms, and, lots and several acreage tracts. Marvin’s 52 years as a licensed auctioneer, real estate broker and real estate appraiser has earned him a reputation for tireless marketing efforts and top results for his clients. His knowledge of the auction business assures you of getting the highest price for your property.