Welcome to the virtual home of Soil and Plant Nutritional Concepts, SPNC Corp., your online connection to information, products, and “concepts” of emerging agronomic ideas. How are we qualified to help you sort through the challenges of farming today? In a word, experience. We offer 30 years of certified professional agronomic practices based on university backed research that is rarely discussed. We focus on educating you first and incorporate our lifetime of farm-based background and interactions with your similar experiences to help you make the right decisions for your operation. We help you to learn the basics of marrying current, mainstream soil and foliar products with new technologies. Products based in biotechnology, biostimulants, foliar products offer big opportunities for better ROI. We can also help you understand the growth patterns of plants to help you properly plan and time your applications to improve their chances to work for you. Understanding the big picture of the season in conjunction with the weather, soil conditions, plant growth timing and utilizing correct products is changing profitability on crops of all kinds on farms all over the country. Spend a little time looking around and see what kind of things you can discover that can have a positive impact on your farm.

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